Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Latest annoyance

I am heartily tired of the StarTribune having pop-ups come up whenever you click on stories like some cheesy crap site.

That is all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Do not go gentle into that good night
Old age should burn and rave at close of day
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


I'm beat. Been a slave for animals of the two legged and four legged persuasion for 12 hours straight, including over lunch. Adding getting ready this morning (more slaving - 4 legged), it's about 14 on my feet and running. This is the first time I've had to myself all day.

Taking care of the cats of some neighbors while they're out of town. They (the cats) are runners, so I've got a contraption set up in front of the door so they at least have to leap before they can get out. It looks ridiculous, but has worked so far. They (the neighbors) are... interesting... *sigh* I'm calling it my corporeal work of mercy. Sometimes spiritual. Depending. Anyway, they're nice cats, and it's fairly little fuss. Just time. Between that and feeding and changing the litter of my own two, it's been a long day.

Very late at work tonight. About 4 hours overtime. 'Cepting I don't get paid overtime. Anyway. I just couldn't get anything to work. Printed some stuff and it took me an hour to get it, between the printer being out of paper and people needing me. Couldn't get the laptop to work, then couldn't get the wireless to work. Couldn't eat, drink, hit the restroom due to people asking questions, needing to speak with me, etc. Man. Luckily I was able to leave 2 hours earlier than I was supposed to. My colleagues are there as we speak. Something to be said for exchange time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Short term memory problems

I just cut my inbox size in half! Terribly exciting. Granted, this still means I have over 100 messages. In one of five e-mail accounts I have. But the biggest one has been sliced.

I've also updated three of the four blogs I maintain today. Another positive. ;)

Decided to change poems. That first one was too much. OK, so I'm typing from memory here... the punctuation might not be accurate...

Edna St. Vincent Millay

My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night
But ah, my foes and oh, my friends
It gives a lovely light.

So one down, anyway. Think I'm going to go for a longer one next:

Do not go gentle into that good night
old age something something raving something
Rage, rage against something...

Aw, heck.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Poem #1

Ah yes - didn't I say I needed to get around to memorizing some poems? Gotta get on that.

For Whom the Bell Tolls
John Donne

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manner of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

Decisions, decisions

In my always awesome life, I just got updated on my Quicken enough to determine that increases in taxes and health insurance have adjusted my cost-of-living raise to the point where I am making a grand total of $0.18 more per month. Am, obviously, pumped beyond all telling, especially due to my incredible new workload and the 2-4 hours per day I put in of overtime. I am not certain yet towards what I will put this increase of $2.16 per year... perhaps gas for my yacht. Half a gallon of milk? A pound of butter (on sale)? One sock? Half a shirt sleeve? Hmm....

Luckily, I will have time to think as I will need to save up for this huge purchase. Wouldn't want to waste my raise.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Doggie paddling

Spent much of this evening creating a "to-do" list. You know you have too much when... Anyway, it does fit on one page. In 8 point font, 'tis true, but it is on one page. So at least there's a direction to my frantic splashing as I go down for the third time.

I did get gas for $2.83 this afternoon, though, so that was a mighty big plus.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


So the 40th Anniversary Party From Hades was last night. It went extremely well. I will be eating roast beef and turkey sandwiches until sometime in April 2013, but it went well. Everyone RSVPed except two of my cousins - one who I knew wouldn't come as they live several thousand miles from here, and one who I knew wouldn't come as that's the way things have been lately. I was mightily pooped today. Went to bed finally somewhere between 12:30 and 1. The folks came over today and we ate up some more of the leftovers and I sent them home with quite a few as well. So it was good.

Also took a few to update my 101 goals list. I need to get moving as I should really be at a 1 per 10 days pace. Have been slowly working on one or two but need to knock more off. Am going to start memorizing poems, I think. Can do those fairly fast...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord.
And may perpetual light shine upon her.
May she rest in peace.


In today's sign of the Apocalypse, I have decided that there are three - count them, three - television shows not on PBS that I like.

I shall pause here whilst you pick your jaw up from the floor. Be sure to dust off the cat hair and Cheeto crumbles before they fall on your keyboard.


Three! This is a new world's record only surpassed for my childhood love for Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, The Electric Company, and The Muppet Show.

Wait. Three of those four are on PBS... Dang.

Anyway, the three are these:
Chuck (NBC, Monday, 7 p.m.)
Pushing Daisies (CBS, Wednesday, 7 p.m.)
The Office (NBC, Thursday, 8 p.m.)

There's clever writing, there's great characters, there's humor, there's pathos. I care about what happens. I actually turn on the TV and even pay attention. Wild.

P.S. It bugs me to no end that when I Googled "the muppet show," I got Disney. That is just wrong. Wrong, I tell you. Wrong.