Friday, December 19, 2008

Idiots on parade

Jay Weiner of MinnPost had this description of the recount process today:

"That’s what happens when you diligently examine 500 ballots filled out by people who are older than 18 but, for reasons known only to them, can’t fill in an oval with their pens."

I believe this is so far my favorite.

Well, then, Weiner also had this to say. This is a close 2nd:

" when the chief justice of the Supreme Court examines a ballot filled with scribbles, seemingly by a third-grader, but by an adult from Plymouth, Ward 4, Precinct 20."

Wow. Some people are just plain dumb. Dumb. It almost makes a person wonder if maybe a basic intelligence test should be required for voting. IQ must be above _ _ _ to enter here.

Would almost guarantee that certain political parties would never elect anyone ever again.

Ooo... did I just type that out loud? *grin*

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